Friday, 5 September 2014

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If parties wish to separate for a period of time before considering whether they want to go through a divorce, they may sign a document known as ‘Deed of Separation’, by hiring the services of a Divorce Lawyer. During this period of time, parties may still work on their reconciliation. 

A deed of separation simply consists of the terms and conditions of the parties’ relationship during the period of reconciliation. Such terms sometimes include child custody, division any matrimonial assets and maintenance issues. 

Although the parties have come to a mutual agreement on the terms and conditions contained in the Deed of Separation, either party can still make an application to the Family Court to where they can have any terms set aside by the court (unless the Deed of Separation was sanctioned by the court). Parties may wish to reconcile with each other after signing the document or may alternatively file for divorce after 3 years (with the consent of spouse) or 4 years (without the consent of spouse).

It would advisable for the parties to consult an experienced family lawyer to draft the Deed of Separation.