Monday, 9 March 2015

Pros & Cons

·         In the mediation process, the people involved in a dispute decide the end result.

·         Mediation offers more flexibility than a court case and may deal with a wider range of issues. 

·         Mediation gives disputing parties a chance to understand each others point of view. Mediation can be a good way to try to save a good working relationship further down the road. 

·         Mediation keeps disputes off the court system and reputations are kept intact.

·         Both parties involved in the dispute must be willing to participate in the mediation and willing to offer up appropriate financials.
·       The mediator does not render legal advice but is there instead to provide a balance among the parties.
·        Hiring a mediator that is not a lawyer could lead to issues needing resolution regarding the preparation and language contained in the final agreement.
At Gloria James-Civetta& Co, we can help you mediate your dispute both as Mediation Lawyers and neutral Mediators. If you require more information on how mediation can help in your dispute, see Our List of Mediation Services