Thursday, 23 July 2015

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore is an integral part of Singapore’s legal system. In 2014, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon stated that alternative dispute resolution is a “central component in the delivery of justice within the State Courts.” Leading law firms in Singapore offer legal advice on how alternative dispute resolution is related to your case.

Business Disputes in Singapore

If you find yourself in a business dispute in Singapore, mediation is a possible form of alternative dispute resolution that you may want to consider, after seeking legal advice from lawyers in Singapore. The Singapore Mediation Center has expertise in a range of commercial disputes – ranging from banking, healthcare, insurance, shipping, information technology and employment disputes.
At GJC law, we understand that confidentiality is key, especially when embroiled in a business dispute. Mediation is preferred form of dispute resolution especially when sensitive issues may arise, as confidentiality must be maintained during mediation.

General process of mediation

To commence the mediation process at the Singapore Mediation Center, parties must complete a Request for Mediation form. In the event not all parties are agreeable to mediation in Singapore, the Singapore Mediation Center will contact the respective parties to encourage them to participate within two weeks. Mediation in Singapore can only continue once all parties have consented.

Before beginning mediation, the parties will enter into a Mediation Agreement. The Mediation Agreement will regulate the conduct of the mediation in Singapore. The Singapore Mediation Center will then appoint a mediator and arranging the administrative matters of the mediation. Prior to the mediation, parties must provide each other, as well as the mediator(s) and the Singapore Mediation Center with a summary of their case and copies of relevant documents. Legal advice should be sought from lawyers in Singapore in order to put you in your best position for mediation.