Monday, 9 March 2015

Gloria James-Civetta & Co was established in 2011 where we still operate today, from our offices at Excelsior Hotel Shopping Centre. The firm specialises in providing personal legal services for both private and company clients and have been awarded numerous recognitions by The Law Society of Singapore.

The firm`s director Ms Gloria James, isan accredited Collaborative Divorce Practitioner and Associate Mediator at the Subordinate Courts of Singapore and the Singapore Mediation Centre, whose aim is to provide specialised high quality cost effective legal services tailored to our Clients’ needs in a professional and efficient manner.

All our lawyers are trained mediators. They will provide you with practical advice on a wide range of legal issues and problems. Use the links below to see how we can help you.

Our services for Businesses include Employment & Commercial law, Company matters, landlord and tenant, Corporate Advise and more.

• High Net worth Local and Expat contested divorces in Singapore
•Cross-border Divorces involving various jurisdictions – UK, Australia, USA, Europe, Indonesia, China, S.E. Asian Countries

•Child Custody Issues

•Matrimonial Injunction of Assets

•Personal Protection Applications & Trials

•Interim Maintenance Applications & Trials

•Contested Ancillary Issues at the Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal

•Civil matters involving actions commenced in the High Court

•Defamation Suits

•Criminal Representations – Magistrates’ Courts, District Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal

•Private Summons Prosecutions

•Contested Probate / Letters of Administration Matters

•Adoption Matters

•Presumption of Death Matters

•SMEs company matters

•Employment Disputes

•Property Disputes

•Agreement Disputes

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