Saturday, 1 February 2014

Gloria James-Civetta & Co is a law firm with strong expertise and experience in criminal law and procedure in Singapore. The firm counts both locals and expats amongst its many clients. 

Foreigners in Singapore who are unfamiliar with Singapore’s criminal law and criminal procedure code may unwittingly run afoul of the law. This could affect their livelihood in Singapore as most employment contracts contain clauses pertaining to criminal misconduct. Hence, if one commits a serious crime, this can result in an instant dismissal and his work visa will be affected.

If a foreign citizen is charged in a Singapore Court, his visa may be affected especially if his employment pass is close to expiry. In such a situation, the foreign citizen may be issued a “white pass” which has to be renewed on a weekly or fortnightly basis. He would need to make frequent visits to the police station and the ICA, to have the visa renewed.

Thus, it is advisable for foreigners who run afoul of the law to engage a lawyer as soon as possible. GJC Law’s professional knowledge on criminal law and procedure in Singapore will assist you in knowing your rights. In situations where the offences committed are not so serious, GJC Law’s lawyers would be able to assist you in writing a letter of representation to the police / prosecutors. This may result in you receiving a warning letter, in place of formal prosecution in Court.

GJC Law has many years of experience in providing expats with advice on Singapore’s criminal law and procedure. For instance, GJC Law had a case in which an Australian male was charged for molesting a girl in a Singapore pub. Where a victim is groped only on the buttocks, and not on the breasts, the case can usually be settled by paying the victim a sum of money and tendering a written apology. GJC Law assisted this particular client in securing a favourable outcome to his case. 

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