Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer
How hard is it to choose the best lawyer in Singapore for your needs? Legal services in Singapore are like any other product: you must be a wise consumer and conduct thorough before making your final decision. Once you have shortlisted several law Firms with expertise in your required practice area, you should conduct a thorough search of each lawyer to see if the meet your criteria.

Conduct an interview with your candidates. Depending on the area of practice, in Singapore, most lawyers will provide an initial consultation (usually half an hour or so) free of charge. Things to take into consideration in this meeting:

·  The experience and practice years the lawyer has

·  Their track record

·  Does he have any special skills or certifications?

·  What is their fees structure?

·  Are there any additional fees? (postage, filing fees, copy fees, etc.)

·  How often will you be billed?

After meeting with prospective lawyers you should ask yourself the following questions:

·  Is the lawyer`s experience and training compatible with your legal needs?

·  Do you feel comfortable working with them?

·  Are you comfortable with their fees?

·  Are you comfortable their training and experience?

These simple few steps will hold you in good stead in choosing the best Singapore lawyer for your legal needs

The Collaborative Divorce Approach
Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) is a dispute resolution process new to Singapore. It is a legal process whereby couples who have decided to separate or ends their marriage, can avoid the lengthy and costly process of a contested divorce through negotiation.