Monday, 18 August 2014

Someone who has been wrongfully injured and wishes to collect damages/compensation for their injuries will need to hire the services of a personal injury lawyers represent them (plaintiff) in their legal claim. The settlement should cover hospital expenses, loss of income and your pain and suffering. With so much at stake, how do you choose the right personal injury lawyer?

Following these few simple steps will hold you in good stead in finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case.


Identify lawyers who are familiar with the nature of injury you suffered.Some lawyers might specialize in workplace injuries whilst some others in car accident claim.

Verify the statute of limitations in Singapore.There will usually be a time limit, from which you can make a claim.
Do an internet search of perspective injury lawyers. Use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to make a list of lawyers you may be interested and research further from there.

Check your lawyer's record and reputation. Once you have narrowed down your potential lawyers, check the lawyer's background and reputation.

Ask about their fees. Contact law firms in your area and ask about the lawyer's contingency fees, what percentage from your compensation will they retain?

Does the personal injury lawyer offer consultation.Bring along all important documents when you meet your lawyer for the first time, e.g. medical/doctor`s/hospital bills, proof of loss of income and copies of the accident/police report.

You are now ready to choose your personal injury lawyer. Using the above simple steps to research go with your gut feeling to choose a lawyer who will best be able to represent you in you in your quest for personal injury compensation.