Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Singapore Lawyer
Legal fees are a part of business when dealing with a Law Firm. The trick is finding and hiring the best lawyer that fits your needs, in other words most trustworthy professional help for the buck.

First, start with your inner circle: friends and colleagues. This initial search may not turn up any suitable law firms in Singapore with the specific expertise that you may require, but don’t despair. While your cousin`s divorce lawyer may not be much help when it comes to selling your house, he or she may well know of a few attorneys perfect for your requirements. Lawyers in Singapore know other law Firms so it makes sense to ask them for recommendations.

Once you assemble a short list of Law Firms in Singapore, remember that the size of the Law firm is an important deciding factor. Law firms in Singapore range in size from one lawyer to over 100. If you want to do a hostile takeover, think big firm. If you are looking for someone to negotiate a lease for new office space, a small Law Firm will be able to handle that as well, if not better.

At this point you’re ready to set up an initial consultation. Before calling them it is advisable that you do your homework on the Law Firm`s website. Does it look professional, do they have Lawyer profiles? Do they offer a free consultation? These are all factors to be taken into consideration when choosing your Law Firm in Singapore.

Be ready to ask a lot of questions regarding both your particular matter and the Law Firm. How many similar matters have you handled? What were the results of those cases? Which lawyer in the firm will be working on your case? These questions should be raised to enable you to assess the Law Firm.

Whatever you do, understand precisely how you will be charged by your chosen Law Firm–this will save you all sorts of headaches later on. Understand all of that is included in the engagement letter. This is your working contract between you and your Singapore Lawyer, so read it carefully and thoroughly. The engagement letter should describe the nature of your legal matter, as well as all of the terms and conditions of the relationship and estimated costs.