Friday, 22 August 2014

Gloria James-Civetta is a family law practitioner with Singapore law firm Gloria James-Civetta & Co, she provides a candid insight into the challenging practice of family law in Singapore.

Singapore Family Lawyer
 What is family law?
Family law encompasses a broad range of legal issues that face families. A typical family lawyer will deal with the following issues:
     Spousal support
     Child support& maintenance
     Custody of children
     Division of assets in a divorce
     Family disputes
     Collaborative family law
       What is most satisfying about practicing in this area of the law?
Whilst the procedure for divorce is brutal by nature and quite traumatising to many, you know that at the end of it all, people are going to move on to the next stage of their lives and be better off for it. As lawyers we do all we can tohelp individual through one of the most stressful experiences in life. Knowing that you do your best through your thorough knowledge of the law is a reward in itself.
What are the biggest challenges you face?
The biggest challenge is that sometimes, some clients refuse to see the big picture and develop big expectations in the outcome of their case. Opposing lawyers can sometimes be an even bigger obstacle.
What is a typical day of a lawyer involve?
Each day brings about a different challenge but for most part, the duties will vary in no particular order.New issues arise frequently so you must be mentally switched on. Checking emails, doing telephone conferences, preparing affidavits, seeing new clients and dealing with existing clients who are facing difficulties are all part of the daily routine.
What skills are needed to practice family law?
A family lawyer must possess the skills of both litigator and mediator. You must possess an ability to stay focused and time organised as priorities can change from hour to hour. You must be able to quickly calculate numbers and percentages when in a meeting with a client.
People skills are very important, particularly oral communication, this is how you convey to your client your persona and knowledge of the law. You are constantly in contact with people, whether it be your client, opposing lawyers, secretaries or court officials.
What are the latest trends in family law?
A relatively new concept in Singapore, Collaborative Family Practiceis a dispute resolution process new to Singapore. It is a legal process whereby couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage, can avoid the lengthy and costly process of a contested divorce through negotiation.This process has successfully achieved satisfactory results for divorcing parties and is much less stressful for all parties.

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