Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Singapore Legal Services
 Gloria james-Civetta & Co is a multi-practice Singapore law firm. In today`s competitive climate, clients want a high level of legal representation at competitive rates. Given our experience in personal law matters, our clients can rest assured they are getting quality representation at a competitive rate. 

Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of matters, ranging from heavily contested divorce proceedings, toassault matters. We approach every dispute with outmost importance and examine all angles to the benefit of our clients.

We serve our clients with pride and confront legal challenges head on with our fierce determination and legal know how.

Our Divorce and Criminal Blogs, contain a wealth of information to better inform people on the Singapore Judicial system.

If you are looking for a full service law firm in Singapore, contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co, we offer a free first time consultation with one of our friendly lawyers.