Monday, 6 October 2014

This principle primarily prioritizes the wellbeing and welfare of the child as the most important consideration. The welfare principle is prevalent in any proceedings before any court where the custody or upbringing of a child is in question.

There are some factors regarding the welfare of the child, which does not only include monetary concerns, but also extends to other considerations such as the child’s moral and religious welfare, his physical well being, ties of affection, his happiness, comfort and security.

Basically, the main factors in determining the child’s wellbeing would be such as

1.    The age of the child

2.    The child sense of security

3.    Continuity of care given to the child

4.    The child’s own wishes about who he should live with

5.    The race and religion of the child

6.    The parent’s wishes

7.    The race and religion of the parents

8.    Material circumstances of the parents

9.    The fact that siblings should not be separated

However, the factors in determining the child’s wellbeing are not merely limited to these.

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