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Civil Lawyer
A commercial lawyer / civil litigation lawyer in Singapore acts in your interests and will advise you on your rights and duties on contract disputes or product liability claims. For example, in product liability claims, a claimant who wishes to sue for negligence must show:

- That the defendant owed him/her a legal duty to take care;

- That there was a breach of this legal duty by the defendant; and

- That the breach caused him/her recoverable damage.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

In regards to signing contracts, your commercial lawyer will be able to suggest changes to the wording or additional clauses on the contract to protect your interests.

Your commercial lawyer & civil litigation lawyer acts for you alone and cannot be involved personally or represent another individual or company against your interests in your matter. After discussing your problem and hearing your lawyer’s advice, your job is to instruct your lawyer on what course of action you wish to take.

A good commercial lawyer will explain the options available to you and give you recommendations about the possible solutions to your contractual problem. The risks and costs involved in resolving the dispute will also be explained.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co, all of our lawyers are trained mediators and litigators, thus turning to litigation only when all other avenues have been exhausted.

“Our experienced lawyers understand the process &the legal system, and will advise you accordingly”

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