Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An important facet of mediation law in Singapore has been the establishment of the community mediation centre. The community mediation centre (CMC) has been established to provide a platform to the citizens of Singapore a platform where they can come forward and resolve social disputes, such as those with their family members, neighbours and other community members.

The idea behind starting the CMC in Singapore was to reduce the burden on civil courts and encouraging people to resolve disputes amicably through an alternate dispute resolution mechanism. In 1998, the CMC Act was introduced as a law in Singapore which aimed to provide mediation services in cases that did not involve arrests or criminal charges.

The sessions held at the CMC in Singapore are supervised by a group of trained mediators who are essential volunteers. Their job is to facilitate the mediation process between disputing sides and guide them through their knowledge of the law and their training.

Any two or more side involved in a dispute can approach the CMC either directly, through phone or through their website. Once they have registered for the mediation process, a mediation session will be held under the supervision of a mediator at a pre-determined time and place.

Mediation law in Singapore also provides the option to magistrates to refer cases to the CMC under mandatory mediation.