Thursday, 9 April 2015


Going through a divorce may be a painful and complicated process. Even if both parties are mutually agreeable to the divorce, there are several mandatory procedures that need to be undergone which will require a lawyer’s assistance. Engaging one of Singapore’s top divorce lawyers will be able to ease this process and complete the divorce quickly.

We also provide mediation services to hopefully provide a peaceful and reasonable agreement between both parties. We have many experienced family mediation lawyers that will assist you in this process.


Annulment refers to the process where a marriage is deemed null and void. This returns the ‘single’ status back to both parties. An annulment is slightly different from a divorce proceeding. It is advisable to seek advice from our divorce specialists to ensure that your legal rights are known in an annulment as well as the grounds for an annulment.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement engaged prior to a marriage. This is an effective method to ensure that finances, property and other assets will be divided fairly in the event of a death or divorce. The agreement will come to light during divorce proceedings. We have a team of experienced divorce specialists that will be able to provide the necessary legal support throughout the process of crafting a pre-nuptial agreement.

Marital/Post Nuptial Agreement

Post nuptial agreements or otherwise known as post marital agreements may be entered so as to establish a mutual agreement between parties if they were to engage in a divorce, separates or one party dies. A couple may want to enter a post nuptial agreement given the change in circumstances once they are married and would like a financial plan in the place in the event that a divorce or a death occurs. For a post nuptial agreement to take effect, the agreement must meet the requirements of Singapore divorce law. It is highly encouraged to engage an experienced family law firm to provide legal advice and support throughout the divorce process. Our lawyers will be able to guide you through the process while minimizing the impact on your family. They will also provide you advice regarding the next plan of action regarding your divorce.

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