Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Why make a will?

A will or testament is a legal declaration made by an individual on how his or her property should be divided upon his or her death. An individual may dispose of both real and personal property in his will.  

If a person living passes away without leaving a will, or if the will is declared to be invalid, the person is said to have died intestate and the properties of the individual will be distributed according to the laws of Intestacy of Singapore.  

A will allows an individual to decide how exactly to distribute his property to his desired beneficiaries. It also helps to safeguard a person’s right to select an individual to serve as guardian to raise his young children in the event of his death. If an individual dies in Singapore intestate, his or her estate may be distributed to people to whom he does not intend to give anything.

Why should you employ a Singapore Civil Lawyer to construct your will?

When making a will, there is an inherent risk that a self-made will may be ineffective or invalid due to an irregularity in the formality of the will. This may result in the will being contested in the future. To avoid such a situation, it would be prudent to consult a civil lawyer who can aid in drafting your will in accordance to the requirements of the law.

When should one review his will?

-When one changes his name or anyone in the will changes his name.
-If a beneficiary dies
-If you sell or part with any property mentioned in the Will.
-If a trustee becomes incapable of carrying out his duties owing to ill-health.
-If there is any significant change in circumstances, for example when you acquire property in your will.

-When one marries or remarry.

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