Monday, 27 July 2015

Dispute Resolution

A recent development in family law in Singapore is the Collaborative Family Practice (CFP). The Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) begins before the start of divorce proceedings in Singapore and allows parties to negotiate the terms of their divorce. This form of alternative dispute resolution is provided by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and aims to help couples reach an amicable solution to avoid an acrimonious litigation process.

Lawyers in Singapore involved in this process are specially trained collaborative divorce lawyers. The panel of Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) consists of nineteen lawyers from leading law firms in Singapore. Among them is Ms. Gloria James Civetta of GJC law, a top family law firm in Singapore that also offers services for civil proceedings, business and commercial disputes in Singapore. Legal advice about family law in Singapore related to any form of divorce mediation can be sought from law firms in Singapore like GJC law.

The collaborative divorce lawyers that assist you in Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) must not represent you again in future litigation should a settlement not be reached. This is to encourage a settlement to be reached between parties. Further, this aims to help provide a safe environment for parties to negotiate without prejudice.

After completing the Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) process, the divorce proceedings will begin in court. Divorce proceedings will go smoother with a prior settlement agreement in place completed during the Collaborative Family Practice stage.