Sunday, 5 July 2015

You may sue a person for Private Nuisance if he or she has (1) caused physical damage to your property or (2) unreasonably interfered with your use and enjoyment of your land. To bring such a suit, you must show that you have an interest in the property affected or the right of occupation of the land. Do note that you may not sue for any personal injury under the tort of private nuisance because personal injury is unrelated to the enjoyment of land.

You must also prove that you are able to foresee the above damage from the person’s act and you must show that he or she was at fault for his or her act of Private Nuisance. The person does not have to create or benefit from the act of Private Nuisance as long as he or she has the ability to reasonably abate it.

You may wish to consult a Singapore civil dispute lawyer for his or her expertise on the above and to advise you on the credibility of your case.

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