Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Will is made to provide for the administration and distribution of what a person owns. The person who makes this Will is called the ‘testator’. The people who are going to inherit or benefit from the will are the ‘beneficiaries’.

The testator appoints an ‘executor’ and he/she is able to administer and distribute his estate upon the person’s death.

Theoretically, a person above the age of 21 with a sound mind may make his own Will in Singapore without the assistance of a lawyer. However there is a risk that the Will may be ineffective or invalid, causing the beneficiaries to not being entitled to the inheritance and going through unnecessary sufferings. Hence, it is in your best interest that you engage a Wills lawyer who will advise and guide you through the entire process.

The signing of the Will must be witnessed by two persons, who must be present at the same time. They cannot be beneficiaries of the Will nor can they be the spouses of any of the beneficiaries.

In the event you want to the change your Will, consult a Wills lawyer in Singapore who will provide a Will Writing Service as well as take you through the necessary procedures. Crossing words out, adding parts in or attaching anything to it will render it ineffective and invalid. The Wills lawyer would help you make a fresh Will or prepare a supplemental Will.

If someone passes away without making a will, the person’s assets will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy, governed by the Intestate Succession Act.