Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In order to make sure that our life stays the way it is during tough financial times, we try to acquire several financial schemes. Investments, insurance and savings are the major ones of all of them. Insurance is assured some of money that will be given to our family in case we are suffering from certain diseases for medical treatment, for education of our children and support our family after our death.

Due to its significance and helpful nature, insurance is mandatory in most of the developing and developed nations, thus helping its citizens to stay put during difficult financial times. According to the law, the insurance company is supposed to pay back the sum of money at the time of maturity or after the client fulfills the criteria like death, accident, or during admission in college. According to the nature of the insurance type, criteria can differ; however, the laws remain the same.

Even after the laws, or fulfilling the criteria, some insurance companies do not provide claims on time or provide a reduced amount of money assured during the initiation of insurance. If you are suffering from such problem with insurance company, you need assistance of the Insurance Lawyer in Singapore. The insurance lawyers are well aware of how to deal with the insurance companies and obtain your money from them.

In case you have been suffering at their hand for a long time, without any proper reason, the insurance company is liable to pay back the insured sum along with compensation for harassing you in the time of distress. In order to make sure that you are without any fault with insurance company, follow these simple tips:

·         Follow Laws: while acquiring insurance for business, house, personal use or medical use, you must follow all the business laws in Singapore. Read the offer document at the time of obtaining insurance policy to be aware of all the legal formalities and criteria related to it. Click here to read more tips…………..