Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Will the Singapore Courts side with my spouse who is a citizen?

The Singapore Courts is fair and just and they will determine the ancillary issues of divorce by considering the welfare of the child of the marriage as the upmost priority. There is no such thing as siding with your spouse who is a citizen. In fact, there are many local social welfare agencies that offer help to expatriates in Singapore.

How should I choose a lawyer to represent me for my divorce in Singapore?

It is advisable to consult a law firm with an expertise in international divorce. They should also have many divorce lawyers with experience in international divorces. Local divorce lawyers may be unable to protect your interests fully as they may be unfamiliar with the laws in other countries compared to an experience divorce lawyer. International divorce can be complicated with the conflict of laws. Hiring an experienced international matrimonial lawyer may be able to reduce unnecessary procedures and hence reduce the costs of legal fees.

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