Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vicarious Liability
A cause of action may arise against an employer for a tort committed by his or her employee against you. You may advance this cause of action by establishing vicarious liability on the part of the employer. To establish vicarious liability, you, through your personal injury lawyer must show all of the following:

(1)   The person you are suing (i.e. the defendant) and the tortfeasor (i.e. the person who inflicted harm on you) share an employer-employee relationship, or share a relationship akin to that of an employer-employee relationship. However, tortious acts of independent contractors or contractors who are seconded to person(s) on a short-termed basis will not result in vicarious liability on the part of such person(s).

(2)   There is negligence or liability on the part of the employee.

(3)   There is a connection between the tort and the employee. The act of the employee must be so closely connected to the employment that it is fair and just to hold employers vicariously liable.

You may be uncertain if you have a legitimate cause of action against someone for vicarious liability. Hence, you may wish to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer in Singapore.
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