Sunday, 13 September 2015

You may leave your estate directly to your minor children. However, before they reach the age of 21 years old, any such inheritance will be managed by a custodian. This custodian is usually either the surviving parent or the guardian.

Should you wish to provide for your children over an extended period of time, a trust for your children can be incorporated into your will. Through the assistance of your Singapore wills lawyer, the inheritance will then be held by a trustee for your children until such time when they reach 21 years old, or whatever age you deem appropriate. The trustee may also be empowered to use a certain portion of your estate for your children’s education, medical expenses and/or maintenance according to your instructions. Your wills lawyer will be able to advise you on this process.

In leaving your assets to your minor children, it is also recommended that you name at least two Executors/Trustees in case one of them is unable to act for whatever reason. These Executors/Trustees would then be able to administer or hold any assets, or utilize any monies for the benefit of the minor children.

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